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In the rare case you do manage to get one of the 7 tickets most venues have allocated for disabled people, you’re most likely at the very back, or on a platform on the side, separated from your mates. Where deaf and blind people will be able to feel the music using our incredible Subpac technology.These gigs are open to all people, as we are trying to ensure that integration occurs, but our members with disabilities get served first, to make sure they finally get a chance at enjoying live music as a young person should.and that’s a positive step forward I supppose, but it’s still making the disability factor the centre of the matter.It’s predominantly disabled people lumped together rather than existing alongside other people without disabilities. After the paraympics, it felt like a revolution was coming, that people with disabilities were empowered and important, and their needs were going to be met. Wembley, one of our more developed and modern establishments in the UK, has 90,000 seats, out of which a THIRD of ONE PERCENT are disabled access friendly. Slow clap the government for deliberately failing to meet the basic human rights of 11.8 million people in the UK.People who are different, but who have the same feelings, loves, desires and social cravings as the rest of the world.

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It’s negligence, it’s carelessness, it’s greed and it’s discrimination. On July 1st, I will host a gig that puts on comedy and music as the launch of WHY NOT PEOPLE, a completely accessible company that remembers and accommodates the forgotten.

At my gigs you will be included, comfortable and treated like an equal. For the first gig we have amazing performances from Tinie Tempah, Aluna George, Romesh Ragnathan, Flawless, to name a few.

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It’s damaging to a person’s happiness and therefore life, to be denied a social life.