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The finished products can open windows into different cultures or show you high-quality, on-the-ground video of news events you simply can't find anywhere else.

Like Stories, Live Stories also have a lifespan of 24 hours.

It's filled with a ton of media — mostly video — broken out into three categories: 1) Discover (from media companies), 2) Live (curated by Snapchat) and 3) Recent Updates (mostly from your friends, but also from brands should you choose to add them).

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You'll only see content from people you're connected to on the app. This is a publishing platform, just like Facebook — except there are no likes or shares and your stuff disappears. The circle with the number at top right shows you how much time is left in the story.

I could keep writing, but I think it would be better if I simply showed you what one of these Live Stories looks like.

Guidelines from the Illinois Association of School Boards say not reporting explicit images of kids can itself be a crime.… continue reading »

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It’s a kind of an art form and much more fashion like.… continue reading »

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Texting, Twitter, chat and IM abbreviations and acronyms represent people's shorthand communications via mobile devices and on the Internet, especially on social media platforms.… continue reading »

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Lauren played with her old toys, when a man wrapped in a white sheet entered the room and started approaching her.… continue reading »

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You can use this file to configure the CONSOLE channel, which is most commonly used to create an overhead paging system (although, as with any other channel, there are all kinds of creative ways this can be used).… continue reading »

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