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That divestment was a response to the December 2012 killing of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.. Ted Lieu also nudged Cal PERS to divest from a fund that has a stake in a Trump hotel.

Paddock killed three California teachers in Las Vegas, all of whom belonged to Cal STRS. government needs to develop a comprehensive solution,” he said. The professional staff for both pension funds generally oppose divesting from industries because doing so restricts their opportunities and may increase risk.

Some species specialise in attacking beehives, waiting outside of nest entrances until an unsuspecting meal flies out.

The insect battle was posted to Reddit on Monday by user Iamnotburgerking, with little additional information.

Craig Stevens and Roger Davis don't have that much to do but give an air of chilly menace and certainly Miss Swanson gives her all to this imposing matriarch and creates a memorably Gothic character.

There are several very well staged suspenseful scenes, notably the funeral (effective despite the extras) and particularly the climax as the bees take over the house while Jackson is home alone and Swanson's interactions with the bees (whom are like pets to her) are superbly filmed.

1, 2017 asked Cal STRS to divest from companies that sell certain kinds of guns and ammunition that are illegal in California.

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The victor then flies away with its prize still squirming in its jaws while the bee's top half is left scrambling on the floor.

“Neither taxpayer funds nor the pension contributions of any of the teachers we represent, including the three California teachers slain in Las Vegas, should be invested in the purveyors of military-style assault weapons,” he said.