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More Info → December 21, 2017 at pm on WETA TV (60 minutes) In celebration of The Queen's 90th birthday, Penelope Keith travels to the four corners of the Union to venture behind the scenes of Her Majesty's official royal residences, where she meets the people with royal titles and ancient appointments - from the Royal Falconer to the Washer of the Sovereign's hands.

Penelope starts her journey in England at the Queen's much-loved Windsor Castle.

More Info → December 21, 2017 at am on WETA TV (30 minutes) Daniel, Katerina and Miss Elaina learn how to apologize; Daniel and Prince Wednesday apologize to Prince Tuesday for playing with his crown without asking.

More Info → December 21, 2017 at pm on WETA HDTV (60 minutes) Part 1 of 2.