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A selection of their observations, which more than reinforced my decision: “A Dalmatian man will invite you to their weekend house but when you get there he’ll ask you to make him something to eat.“ “They behave like children to women, they actually try to find their mother in girls.” "They will always make you wear an undershirt to protect your kidneys. The best thing to do is to ask them why..don't even know." "They believe everything their grandma and mother say." "If you aren't Croatian blood, maybe just stop dating..and dida won't approve." "They wear speedos." "Nowhere could ever be home except for their home, trust me... " "They will keep you a secret as long as they possibly can." "Why is it so hard to introduce a girlfriend to the family, especially when you cannot even communicate with the family?

For me it was an argument every day of why I had to be a secret after more than a year of dating.

I think it’s because they see their girlfriend as their mother, and no one wants to think of their mother that way!

” “They don’t even know how to fry an egg.” “Dating a Dalmatian man is signing up to be a servant.” “They are so stubborn and will never admit they are wrong.” “Dating a Dalmatian man means having to get along with his mother.” “Their old fashioned values have you in the kitchen and not in a career.” “As much as they try to be the alpha male they still need you to be their mother at the end of the day.” “They’re probably a part of Torcida and that gets annoying.” “The main one obviously is that they're f***ing Mama’s boys who live with their parents until 40 with no intention of moving out whatsoever.

After living here for more than a year, I would have to agree.

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Member Online this month year-old man seeking women ; Zagreb Croatia personals site.

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