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28-Dec-2017 10:21

These passions, along with his vast experience with a uniquely wide range of students and his evident creativity, have combined to create some of the most interesting, innovative, and effective teaching materials in mathematics.

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Our general studies teachers were convinced that this mode of learning provided additional tools to reinforce other available teaching tools.

Complex formulas explained in his simple language that everybody can understand. Words can't explain what I own you for having such a helpful hard.

Thank you for making such a commitment to make math so fun!!!

Read More - You have no idea how much hope your MIT Calculus videos have inspired in me.

After having obtained my Associates Degree in an unrelated field over two decades ago, I have resumed my studies at Brooklyn College in NY, and am now majoring in Math Education for middle schools as well as Computer Engineering.

Last week I emailed the academic head of the school and gave her the story of your website and how it helped many others.

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The nature of the Wallaby (Cuvier) Plateau and other igneous provinces of the west Australian margin, AGSO, J. … continue reading »

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