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First Edinburgh flyer Loads of Trunk fans turned up (thank you all) and even the groovy guys and gals from Fopp turned up for a night out. It really was a huge success for something so small, and put together by people who know nothing about Theatre. I will say though, the thrill of watching and hearing people laugh uncontrollably at this little monster is quite something.What's scary is that some of the Fopp People knew all the words to all of the letters. We also met some wonderful theatre and comedy people. Some of the texts: Dear Sexy Charmaine, Dear Leah Harper, Darling Shanine Linton Vinyl LP Cover The letters were originally written to some top girlies - actually "written" is a bit strong as most of the language used is quite extraordinary.However there may well be an issue two of the CD - we have recorded a further 66 letters and plans are to tinker about with them and see if I can compile a new album. We did the fringe, Without any marketing budget or any promotion, DFM became the word of mouth hit of the festival.If not, some will be available as downloads online. We were outselling major comedians in massive venues.Highlight of the 2006 Dirty Fan Male run at Edinburgh (apart from selling out) was meeting Jim Bowen who at the time was counting out tenners at the bar in the Gilded Balloon. Why not spend that valuable Edinburgh time seeing one of the 1800 other shows you will, could or should be writing about instead eh?We had a good chat about Bullseye, speedboats, his old Jag which was bought by a mate of mine's Dad in the 1980s and also a good chin wag about Lionel Jeffries. But they still kept coming and then refusing to review the show at all.Since Edinburgh we have spent a week playing in the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon. Anyway, it was fine, and we had some very very good crowds in. Most of the letters are funny, both peculiar and ha ha, and therefore make for quite extreme reading. We also saw that some of the original letters had a real sense of rhythm and poetry and were therefore not just read, but sung in a sympathetic style. Months on from making the original recording I am still unable to get these sex crazed odes out of my mind, especially this one..

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Anyway we have about 60 or 70 new unheard letters and tracks, so watch this space.The book is available in all good book shops, in the humour section, and also on line at Amazon.The Dirty Fan Male documentary, commissioned by Simon Andreae (the man behind Purple Ronnie), was shown on Channel 4 on 6th October 2005.We did a show recently in Greenwich whiich was brilliant.

It was at "Up The Creek", a hardcore comedy venue and the gig came about because the organisers had heard about us, so they got in touch.

There are less than ten of each so if you are interested have a look in ye olde trunk shoppe.