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22-Sep-2017 19:58

The purpose of the present study was to gather data from adults with visual impairments about their sex education experiences.The guiding question for the study was: What do students who are visually impaired, blind, or have low vision need to know to assert their agency concerning sexuality?

One major concern is the sexual assault of people with visual impairments.This is especially prevalent for those in residential schools who have no reliance on peers who are sighted for guidance (Foulke & Uhde, 1974; Schuster, 1986).As the adolescent who is blind matures into an adult, this gap of knowledge and lack of awareness may lead to lack of maturity in sexual relationships.Such challenges may significantly impede the sex education of these students.

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For example, their knowledge of body and social skills can be affected by these difficulties (Hicks, 1980; Schuster, 1986), and they may exhibit a lack of mature cognitive development that could inhibit sexual understanding (Vaughan & Vaughan, 1987).We discuss the challenges unique to this population next (see Note 1).