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26-Jun-2017 22:07

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"These children are usually forced to do this by adults or by extreme poverty," Hans Guyt, director of campaigns at Terre des Hommes Netherlands, said in a statement."Sometimes they have to testify against their own family, which is almost an impossible thing to do for a child." At any given moment, there are 750,000 child predators connected to the Internet, according to the United Nations and the FBI.Now that fake girl could help authorities identify very real child predators.

While Terre des Hommes plans to give authorities contact information for 1,000 adults who showed willingness to pay for a child's Webcam sex acts, the organization says more than 20,000 people attempted to chat with Sweetie over the course of the 10-week investigation. No payments were made or received during the Sweetie project, Terre de Homme says.To continue interacting with the virtual boyfriend, a user must provide energy.Energy can be obtained by posting a photo on Boyfriend Maker's Facebook page, or it can be purchased.A Dutch charity NGO Terre Des Hommes created “Sweetie” to pose on Internet chat rooms and bait men who go online to prey on children.

In 10 weeks, 1,000 men offered the virtual child money in exchange for her to perform explicit acts.

In a demonstration for the Associated Press, a Terre de Homme researcher logged in to a chat room and identified himself as a 10-year-old girl from the Philippines. "We want governments to adopt proactive investigation policies that give law enforcement agencies the mandate to actively patrol public Internet hot spots where this child abuse is taking place every day," Guyt said.