Updating escd success

29-Dec-2017 09:20

Do you have another machine that you could try your drive in to be sure that it hasn't died?

A work around that you could try is to go into the BIOS and change the "stop on" settings to "stop on all errors", yeah it sounds counter intuitive.

Finally, the operating system must be designed to work with the BIOS (and thus indirectly, with the hardware as well).

It just needs a plain DOS environment because it requires free access to port registers (that's why it works in Win9x but not in NT/2K/XP) to wipe the CMOS RAM content.

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A:\ It looks like the POST has found a problem with your CD drive. You could also try turning off your computer, disconnect the IDE and power cables from the drive, turn the computer back on and then back off, reinstall the connectors and see if the drive is recognized as new hardware found when you turn the computer back one.

This will determine the further existence of a virus.

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