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Any small module or functionality may contain a number of defects – concentrating more on testing these functionalities is known as Defect Clustering.

If prepared test cases are not finding defects, add/revise test cases to find more defects, this is known as Pesticide Paradox.

Checking the application behavior under stress conditions (or) Reducing the system resources and keeping the load as constant and checking how the application is behaving is called Stress Testing.

A process is a set of practices performed to achieve a given purpose; it may include tools, methods, materials or people.

Testing conducted on an application without any plan and carried out randomly with the tests to find any system crash with an intention of finding tricky defects is called Monkey Testing.

(or) Partitions of the system which is ready for testing with other partitions of the system is termed so.

GUI or Graphical user interface testing is the process of testing the software user interface against the provided requirements/mockups/HTML designs etc., Q.

Software verification carried out by following a test plan, testing procedures and proper documentation with an approval from the customer is termed as Formal Testing.

It includes the below factors: Writing a Test Plan Test Scenarios Test Cases Executing the Test Cases Test Results Defect Reporting Defect Tracking Defect Closing Test Release Q.

An informal analysis of the program source code to find the defects and verify the coding techniques is termed so. In this process, the issues are identified in the code by checking code, requirement and design documents.

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